Rhythm therapy for learning disabilities.

Music Therapy

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The American Music Therapy Association

 "The mission of the American Music Therapy Association is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world" 



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Internet Health Library 

"The researchers concluded that ‘music therapy seems to have an effect on personal relationship, emphasising positive benefits of active listening and performing, and this in turn sets the context for developmental change.’ It was also suggested that the hand-eye coordination which was required by the children when playing music was ‘a significant role in developmental changes’.


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  Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center Research

"Our goal is to create a science of the temporal dynamics of learning. A coherent view of temporal dynamics relating to learning does not currently exist. In addition, it is difficult to predict which aspects of learning dynamics will prove the most relevant for improving education."

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Turn On, Tune In, Develop? Researchers Examine How Brain Benefits From Musical Training

"For most people music is an enjoyable, although momentary, form of entertainment. But for those who seriously practiced a musical instrument when they were young, perhaps when they played in a school orchestra or even a rock band, the musical experience can be something more. Recent research shows that a strong correlation exists between musical training for children and certain other mental abilities."


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Music Therapy Health Article

Healthline provides credible medical articles in order for patients to grasp a better understanding of issues concerning their health. Music Therapy Health article provides valuable information about Music Therapy and it's benefits for your child. 

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  Music Therapy for Healthy Children and Families

"Music can evoke emotions, memories, and spiritual or social connectedness, as well as provide a means of expressing feelings and a sense of safety, security and comfort to young children. Music especially provides a fun way for children to learn. It is the one medium that cuts through the boundaries of age, culture, disability and disease."


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Musician Brain Publications

The Music and Neuroimaging Laboratory has been researching the relationship between the brain and music and how it affects brain development and learning. Their mission is to:

  • Reveal the perceptual and cognitive aspects of music processing including the perception and memory for pitch, rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic stimuli.
  • Investigate the use of music and musical stimuli as an interventional tool for educational and therapeutic purposes.
  • Reveal the behavioral and neural correlates of learning, skill acquisition, and brain adaptation in response to changes in the environment or brain injury in the developing and adult brain.
  • Reveal the determinants and facilitators for recovery from brain injury.

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  The Musical Brain Sees Faster

"Dr. Isabel Gauthier and her graduate student Yetta Wong used brain imaging to measure brain activity while people with varying degrees of musical experience made simple judgments about notes, letters and other shapes, shown one at a time on a computer screen. The study found that in individuals who could read musical notation, several brain areas were found to be more engaged for notes than for other images."


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Attentive Ga Processing 

 "A study was conducted to observe musicians and nonmusicians' temporal learning processing. Musicians’ superior performance appeared to be limited to aspects of timing which are considered to be automatically and immediately derived from online perceptual processing of temporal information. The overall pattern of our findings suggests that perceptual timing skills are superior in musicians, while most of their training has been in more complex performance skills."