Rhythm therapy for learning disabilities.

RhythmBrain and Rhythm Therapy FAQ

  1. How do we use RhythmBrain?  See the instructions on the Examples tab and try the RhythmBrain example at the bottom of that page.

  2. How can I get the RhythmBrain material?  Go to the Sign Up tab and follow the instructions that begin there.  After you complete the subscription process, simply log on to our website for unlimited use of the material during your subscription period.

  3. How can I get the most out of the RhythmBrain program?  Just two simple things:  1) Be consistent in using the program (three days a week for one hour a day or the equivalent).  2) Pay careful attention to the rhythm and be sure that both the adult and the child improve their rhythm skills at least a little bit each time.

  4. Do I have to be online to use the RhythmBrain program?  Yes

  5. How many children may participate?  There is no limit to the number of children who may participate at any one time.  Each child will learn from everyone else participating at the time, so "the more the merrier."  Please remember that each subscription is for use by a single family.  We depend on you to abide by the copyright restrictions that accompany your subscription agreement.

  6. Is it possible for a school or pre-school to use this program?  Yes!  Our program began as school-based instruction, and it is still available for such use.  Teachers may contact us for details at info@rhythmbee.com.

  7. Is this program guaranteed to improve the academic potential of a child with learning disabilities?  No  -  When dealing with learning disabilities, no one can guarantee results with this or any other program, including some of the most popular pharmaceutical "remedies."  Since we don’t know what causes learning disabilities, we are also not sure what activities, medications, therapies, or even the natural aging processes will moderate or eliminate the symptoms of those disabilities in any particular person.  We can promise that each person that follows the RhythmBrain process will develop new brain connections that assist with many mental processes.  Those new connections may well improve academic success.  But the improvements in brain function may show up as improvements in the following habits of mind.  Mental focus - Attention and concentration on a topic - Mental processing speed - Vocabulary acquisition - Eye tracking - Syllable awareness - General reading skill or reading readiness - Verbal fluency - Math-related skills

  8. How will I recognize the benefits of the RhythmBrain Program?  A parent will always notice when a child can pay attention longer, speak more clearly, or read more easily.  There are other improvements that may occur but are not as easily identified as changes in brain processing.  Significant improvements in the following areas may result from the brain stimulation and reorganization that RhythmBrain encourages.  Higher levels of compliance (less arguing), obedience, and punctuality - Awareness of boundaries - Respect for the boundaries of others - Higher levels of contentment with being alone - Less need to be the center of attention - More consistent completion of assigned tasks - Better understanding and memory of verbal instructions

  9. Is there a way that I can track the progress in these less obvious areas?  We encourage careful use of our RhythmBrain Journal.  By completing each page according to the dates of your subscription, changes will become obvious as they occur.  But don't be impatient and expect huge and immediate improvement.  Our initial subscription period (3 months) coincides with the time frame by which improvement should be evident.

  10. Does it help if I use RhythmBrain more often than recommended?  We suggest using our program no less than three hours each week.  That time can be accumulated in any manner you choose.  Like any exercise program, the more exercise you do, the more results you will see.  However, it is important that each child enjoy the RhythmBrain experience.  So don't over exercise.  Keep it fun.

  11. How will I know when my subscription ends?  If you elect the convenience of “auto-renewal,” your subscription will continue betond the first ninety days, and your card will be charged without further contact.  When you no longer need the program, simply log onto the site and check the box labelled End my subscription at the next renewal date.  If you do not wish to auto-renew, simply check that box when you sign up, and your subscription will automatically expire at the end of your 90 day subscription.