Rhythm therapy for learning disabilities.

Drug Free Autism Treatment

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 Music Therapy and Individuals with Diagnoses on the Autism Spectrum 

 "People with diagnoses on the autism spectrum often show a heightened interest and response to music, making it an excellent therapeutic tool to work with them." 

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Study uses music to explore the autistic brain's emotion processing

"Music has a universal ability to tap into our deepest emotions. Unfortunately, for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), uunderstanding emotions is a very difficult task."  

Music Therapy Association of British Columbia

 Music Therapy Association of British Columbia 

“Many studies show music and music therapy techniques to have significant, positive influences in the treatment of autism. Some authors speculate that for children and adults with autism, participation in music is a non-threatening way to allow the individual to experience outside stimuli while avoiding direct human contact”

For persons with autism, music therapy can:

  • Interrupt patterns of isolation and social withdrawal and enhance socio-emotional development
  • Facilitate communication, both verbal and nonverbal
  • Decrease behaviors characteristic of disturbed perceptual and motor functioning, and enhance appropriate and integrated perceptual and motor development
  • Facilitate creative self expression and promote emotional satisfaction

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 Music Therapy and Language for Autistic Child

 "Music Therapy is particularly useful with autistic children owing in part to the nonverbal, non threatening nature of the medium. Parallel music activities are designed to support the objectives of the child as observed by the therapist or as indicated by a parent, teacher or other professional."