Rhythm therapy for learning disabilities.

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"Music therapy is another natural remedy option that some parents may wish to explore. There is some research supporting the effect of music in calming and focusing, though specific ADHD treatment studies are few and far between. You can find meditative music just about anywhere, though there are other audio tracks that work specifically on tuning to certain frequencies and rhythms to produce an effect."

Science Daily logo Music Moves the Brain to Pay Attention

Through research at Stanford University School of Medicine, a team of experts discovered a relationship between music and the part of the brain that is linked to paying attention. 

"The goal of the study was to look at how the brain sorts out events, but the research also revealed that musical techniques used by composers 200 years ago help the brain organize incoming information."


Sound Therapy Perth

 Sound Therapy Perth: ADHD

"Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are caused by a deficiency in the transmission system which relays messages between cells in various parts of the brain. Gently stimulating the frontal lobe with sound therapy can correct the auditory processing problems, helping children to curb their impulsiveness and focus."

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 Music Therapy and Individuals with ADHD and/or Behavioral Disorders

"For individuals with ADHD and/or behavior disorders, music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in behavior, increase on-task behavior and facilitate development of skills."

  • The literature reports that individuals with ADHD and/or behavior disorders can respond positively to music 
  • The structure and sensory input inherent in music help to establish response and role expectations, positive interactions, and organization.
  • Music is motivating and enjoyable.
  • Music can promote relatedness, relaxation, learning, and self-expression.
  • Music therapy addresses multiple developmental issues simultaneously.
  • Music therapy can provide success-oriented opportunities for achievement and mastery.